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Neon Rider


Neon Rider is a high-octane, rhythm-based action game that challenges players to navigate a futuristic motorcycle through a pulsing neon cityscape.

Drive a motorbike on a neon road

Demonstrate top motorbike driving ability

Different from other motorbike driving games like Drift 3, this game challenges you to drive in a neon space. Show off your driving skills by doing somersaults, accelerating, ect on eye-catching neon-filled roads.

The bright neon-colored roads with many different challenges can make it difficult for you. The road is not flat but rough and winding, you need to show your driving performance and land completely without damage.

Collect diamonds on the way

Not only do you demonstrate driving on challenging neon roads, you also collect the diamonds that appear in them. The purpose of collecting them is to help players replace their motorbike with a different type of motorbike. Let's explore and enjoy each different type of motorbike.

Immerse yourself in vibrant graphics

Not only is the prominent neon space changed during gameplay, the vehicle's ability to change color is also changed to match the neon tracks. Each track has a different color and only if your car is the same color as the track can you move on it. This not only creates a unique aesthetic element but also introduces a deep layer of strategy, as players must constantly adapt to their surroundings.

In addition, the perfect synchronization between image and sound is also a highlight. The neon-lit environments perfectly pulse with vibrant synthwave melodies, creating an immersive sensory experience. Each obstacle, ramp, or movement is designed to be in rhythm with the music, requiring players to have a sense of almost 6th rhythm to be able to complete the levels smoothly.