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BuildNow GG engages in intense survival battles where you need to destroy your enemies and build defensive and offensive structures intelligently to win.

Unique building and shooting game!

Building and fighting

The core task is to build structures such as walls, floors, and roofs while fighting opponents. Players need to quickly build to create a combat advantage, while reacting flexibly to attacks from enemies.

Target practice

For new players, aiming practice is a great way to get used to the basic controls. The game offers an offline practice mode, which helps improve shooting and building skills without the need for an internet connection. If you are not familiar with the shooting style in this game, practice at Skibidi Toilets and when you are more proficient come back to take on the challenge.

Diverse play modes

This game features five different game modes, each of which poses its own challenges and goals:

  • Freebuild: A sandbox-style map that allows you to play unlimited PvP and practice.
  • V-Arena: Fight 1v1 or 6 FFA players, last survivor wins.
  • BoxFight: Fight 1v1 or 4 players FFA, last survivor wins.
  • Aim Training: Improves aiming on stationary and moving targets offline.
  • Zone Wars: 6 FFA players in a random zone.

BuildNow GG requires players to combine quick building skills and flexible shooting strategies to achieve success. Each game mode and mission brings a new challenge, encouraging players to develop and apply different strategies to victory.