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Geometry Dash Breeze


Geometry Dash Breeze guides a geometric cube that moves to the beat of the music, overcoming obstacles and completing challenging levels in a windy world.

Geometry Dash Breeze gameplay

Take the cube character into a space with a windy theme, where everything moves as gently as the wind blows. You will feel the softness in the movement of not only the character but also the movement of everything around.

Immerse yourself in the flexible space but don't forget that the main task you need to aim for is to successfully complete the challenge without encountering any obstacles.

Choose with the intention of just completing the challenge or conquering becoming the fastest finisher with the least number of retries as you wish. Although Breeze is not a game that can be easily done, the atmosphere it gives players is light, it is very suitable for those who love the lightness it brings unlike many other games. the same kind.

Geometry Dash Breeze's four play screens

Windy Plains: Start your adventure journey

Windy Plains is where you start your windy adventure in Breeze. This level has an easy difficulty level, helping you get used to the control mechanism and rhythm of the game. With a gentle melody and slow rhythm, this level is the perfect start to exploring the windy world of Breeze.

Gusty Grove: Challenge among the trees

Raising the difficulty level a notch, Gusty Grove takes you on an adventure among the trees whispering in the wind. This level has a faster pace and more complex obstacles, requiring you to concentrate and control precisely to overcome. The sound of rustling leaves and the passing wind create a vibrant and exciting atmosphere for Gusty Grove.

Windy Summit: Conquer the peak

Windy Summit is the most challenging level in Breeze, taking you to a towering mountain peak where strong winds blow. This level has a fast pace and extremely difficult obstacles, requiring you to have skillful control skills and high concentration to conquer the challenge. Passing Windy Summit, you will feel great pride and success.

Breeze Valley: End of an emotional journey

Breeze Valley is the final level in Breeze, where you end your adventure with the wind. This level has a gentle rhythm and melodious melody, giving you a feeling of relaxation and peace after tough challenges. Breeze Valley is an emotional goodbye, ending an exciting adventure in the windy world of Breeze.

Windy theme idea

The windy theme gives Breeze a unique atmosphere, different from Geometry Dash Meltdown. This atmosphere creates a gentle, relaxing feeling and stimulates the spirit of adventure, making players feel excited. and comfortable when playing games.

In addition, it also symbolizes the spirit of freedom and generosity. The wind can move anywhere, not bound by anything, symbolizing freedom and the ability to discover new things. This is consistent with Breeze's spirit of conquering challenges and exploring the world.

Geometry Dash Breeze graphics features


The music in Breeze is mainly vibrant electronic music, with fast rhythms and soaring melodies, reminiscent of the feeling of wind blowing. In contrast to the loud, somewhat fiery sounds, this game gives players a comfortable, gentle state in each melody.


Breeze is designed with the main blue color tone, creating a gentle and relaxing feeling like the clear blue sky or windy sea. In addition, the obstacles in the game are also designed to simulate wind-related images such as flying leaves, spinning pinwheels, etc.

Visual effects

The game uses vivid visual effects such as the wind effect to make the objects in the game move gently, not only the movement of the character but also the movement of everything in the challenge, creating the feeling that you Adventure in the windy world.