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Geometry Dash World


Geometry Dash World brings you exciting music, engaging gameplay and tons of new things to discover. There are many new challenges waiting for you to explore.

Explore the colorful land in Geometry Dash World

Maintain the same gameplay as other games of the same genre like Geometry Dash Meltdown, conquer all challenges and complete it successfully without making any mistakes.

Immerse yourself in background music of many different genres, from vibrant electronic music to gentle, melodious music, helping you fully enjoy the musical atmosphere in the game. Each challenge gives you a new experience, making you nervous and unpredictable.

The evaluated version possesses many challenges and has a new part in the gameplay that other versions do not have. Embark on the challenge, get acquainted and conquer every level that the challenge brings.

This can be considered a colorful version unlike other versions. If other versions are designed with a certain main tone throughout the challenge, with World, you will experience all the colors.

New monsters and obstacles


  • Spiky: This type of monster has sharp spikes and moves in different directions, requiring players to dodge carefully to avoid being collided.
  • Bat: This type of monster flies in the air and can change direction suddenly, making it difficult for players to predict and avoid.
  • Robot: This type of monster moves on the ground and can shoot lasers, requiring players to move flexibly and use precise control skills to overcome.
  • Boss: World also has boss levels with giant and powerful monsters, requiring players to use reasonable tactics and skillful control skills to defeat.


  • Moving Platforms: Platforms that move in different directions, requiring players to time their jumps precisely to reach the next platform.
  • Disappearing Blocks: These square blocks appear and disappear continuously, requiring players to remember their location and time of appearance to move safely.
  • Spikes: Spikes are placed in many different positions, requiring players to move carefully to avoid collision.
  • Lasers: Lasers move in different directions, requiring players to move flexibly and use precise control skills to dodge.

Level diversity

The levels in Geometry Dash World are divided into two worlds, each world has 5 levels.

World 1 - Dashlands

  • Payload
  • Beast Mode
  • Machina
  • Years
  • Frontlines

World 2 - Toxic Factory

  • Space Pirates
  • Striker
  • Embers
  • Round 1
  • Monster Dance Off

Tips for overcoming challenges

Practice regularly

One of the things that makes you a master of the Geometry game series is practice. This is the most important key to success in any game, and World is no exception. Whenever you have time, practice your control skills, reflexes and sense of rhythm. The more you play, the more familiar you are with the gameplay and the easier it is to overcome challenges.

Start with easy levels

Don't rush into difficult levels when you first start playing, whether you have experience or not. Start with easy levels to get used to the controls and rhythm of the game. Once you have mastered the easy levels, gradually move on to the more difficult ones.

Watch video tutorials

Before you start experimenting yourself, check out the video tutorials online. There are tons of video tutorials on every platform. Watch and learn tips and strategies from experienced players. You can also search for video tutorials for each specific level you are having difficulty with.

Persevere and don't give up

One of the characteristics of the Geometry game series is that you have to try many times to complete the challenge. Therefore, World requires a lot of perseverance from players. There will be times when you feel discouraged and want to give up, but try to persevere and keep practicing if you want to conquer it. You will definitely succeed if you keep trying.