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Geometry Dash


Geometry Dash takes players into a colorful world where you have to jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous paths and thorny obstacles.

Explore endless challenges with Geometry Dash!

Control a small character and overcome complex obstacles along the way. Jump, fly and avoid obstacles such as spikes, moving obstacles and other dangerous objects. The challenge of the game lies in controlling the character with precision and quick reflexes to avoid collisions and reach the goal.

It has many different levels with increasing difficulty. You can challenge yourself through completing levels with the highest score and develop your skills. Additionally, the game also allows you to create your own custom levels and share them with the game community.

Characteristic points

Typical levels

Geometry Dash has many different levels for players to challenge their skills and patience. Here are some popular levels in the game:

  • Stereo Madness: This is the introductory level in Geometry Dash, which is instructive and helps players become familiar with how to control the character and how to avoid basic obstacles.
  • Back on Track: This level continues to increase in difficulty slightly compared to Stereo Madness. It requires precision and faster reflexes when overcoming moving obstacles.
  • Polargeist: Set to vibrant electronic music, Polargeist takes players into a terrifying environment with icy mountains and elaborate obstacles.

There are also many other levels that you can experiment with, and you can also create your own levels or share your designs for the Geometry community to see.

Practice mode

The common point of Geometry versions like Geometry Dash Meltdown is that they all have a practice mode. This mode allows you to practice and hone your skills before participating in the official levels.

  • Reduced difficulty: This mode allows you to reduce the difficulty of a level, helping you focus on overcoming obstacles and mastering the necessary moves. You will see the character's movement speed is slower, the layout of unnecessary obstacles is removed so you are not distracted when performing challenges.
  • Practice freely: You can practice freely without being limited by the number of lives lost or time. You can focus on getting used to the obstacles, synchronizing with the music and honing your skills.
  • Show hidden obstacles: This mode allows you to show hidden obstacles in the level. This helps you learn about and deal with difficult-to-see obstacles during practice.

Customize your character

Another benefit you can do is customize your character in a unique and personalized way. Change the color of your character to create a unique look from a variety of available colors for you to choose from. At the same time, the game provides many different shapes for the character, allowing you to change the character's appearance into symbols, geometry or other unique shapes. In addition, some accessories are added such as effects and accessories to freely choose as you like.