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Geometry Dash Bloodbath


Geometry Dash Bloodbath is ranked as the highest difficulty level and requires skilled control skills, high concentration, and a courageous fighting spirit.

Conquer the devil's challenge in the world of electronic music

This is a famous rhythm platformer game developed by Riot, More, Zenthical, and Noobsaibot. This is one of the hardest levels in Geometry Dash, rated Extreme Demon with the highest difficulty.

There is only one challenge, no additional levels; players may take it for granted when starting out, but only when you actually experience it will you see that this game is as difficult to conquer as other versions.

The intense sound and fast movements right from the start can make you overwhelmed and confused, but don't worry, after a few or many tries, you will get used to this fast speed. .

With the main red tone, creating a strong and challenging feeling. Obstacles are designed in a variety of ways, from simple shapes to complex structures, requiring you to be flexible in the way you move and control them. You will be immersed in the red space as the name of the game, bathing in blood in challenges and conquering the game.

Why is Bloodbath rated as having the highest difficulty?

Extremely fast speed

Bloodbath has the highest gameplay speed of Geometry Dash Meltdown, requiring players to have quick reflexes and precise control to keep up with the fast rhythm of the music.

Complex and dense obstacles

The level includes countless diverse obstacles, from simple shapes to complex structures, appearing continuously with dense density. Players need to be flexible in their movements and controls to overcome these obstacles accurately.

Short duration

Bloodbath has a shorter duration than other versions of the same genre, giving players less time to react and adjust before encountering the next obstacles.

High skill requirement

To conquer Bloodbath, players need to have skilled control skills, high concentration ability, and a brave fighting spirit. They must practice regularly to hone their skills and improve their reflexes to be able to overcome tough challenges in the game.

Fewer checkpoints

Bloodbath has a smaller number of checkpoints (revival points) than other levels, causing players to have to start over from the beginning if they make a mistake. This puts more pressure on players and makes them have to concentrate more during the game.

What ages is Bloodbath suitable for?

This is a healthy game that anyone can try, but not everyone can conquer the challenge. Even the author himself, the creator of this game, had to admit that it took him many times, even thousands of times, to complete the challenge. Therefore, there are very few players in the geometry community who can conquer it.

Even if people have extensive experience, have experienced many other versions, and are skilled, they still have to shake their heads and get bored when it takes so long to conquer it. Although there is a detailed video tutorial from the author, many players are concerned about conquering it.