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Geometry Dash 23


Geometry Dash 23 is a new version created by the player community with different challenges and levels. Experience and rate this game with other versions.

How to play Geometry Dash 23

This game is a new version of the popular rhythm-based platform game, Geometry Dash. In this game, the player maneuvers a geometric block through obstacles and traps by jumping and flying to the beat of the music.

Each level has different challenges, requiring quick reflexes and high concentration. Pay attention forward to always keep an eye out for obstacles, jump or fly when you see them. Each beat of the music will match the movements, so don't miss the beat if you don't want to make more mistakes.

This version is considered by experts to be a less difficult version than Geometry Dash Meltdown and is ranked at an easy level, which is very suitable for beginners or experienced players and use it as a practice copy.

Practice mastery and try the more difficult level from Geometry Dash Meltdown. The game version is considered moderately difficult, suitable for both new and experienced players. Don't hesitate to experience it right away.

Some outstanding features of Geometry Dash 23

Attractive music

Lively background music, helping players immerse themselves in the game. Based on the sound prototype of Geometry Dash Meltdown, this game recreates the music but with a slow tempo, suitable for beginners. Listen to each beat of the music because it matches each character's movement, skipping the beat corresponds to hitting an obstacle and retrying the challenge. However, the music will gradually get faster at the beginning of the challenge and faster at the end of the challenge. This is a suitable stage for new players to become part of the Geometry player community.

Diverse levels

From easy to extremely difficult, each level brings a new experience. Like many levels in many other versions, this game is divided into many different levels for new players, from easy to extremely difficult, each level brings a new experience. As the levels gradually become more difficult, the pace of the game will get faster and obstacles will appear more densely and densely.

Practice mode

This is a mode that helps players get familiar with the level map and improve their skills. It is completely suitable for new players because of its low difficulty. This mode is not the same as the main game modes so start with the main modes when you are ready.

Level creation

One of the features of player-generated versions is the ability to create your own levels and share them with the community. You can customize the position of objects in the game as well as adjust the character you want. We value creativity so every individual design is appreciated.