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Geometry Neon Dash


Geometry Neon Dash takes players on a colorful neon adventure, controlling their character to overcome obstacles by jumping and flying to the beat of the music.

Embark on a challenging adventure and breathtaking turns with colorful blocks or ships, you need to overcome challenging neon obstacles and complete difficult levels according to The rhythm of vibrant electronic music.

Challenging and engaging gameplay

Overcome obstacles and reach the finish line

Start the game, move the neon character to the rhythm of vibrant electronic music, immerse yourself in a world full of colors and passionate sounds. All of the character's movements match each beat of the music, so try to keep up and don't miss the beat.

Not only that, you need to avoid obstacles on the road. Use control buttons or swipe screen gestures flexibly to move the character, avoid challenging neon obstacles, requiring high concentration and quick reflexes. Conquer and complete challenges to unlock the next challenges.

Collect stars

This is just an added part of the challenges to increase the excitement of the game. If you are more observant, the position of the stars can help you escape hidden obstacles that you cannot improvise. Following them is the correct path so you can quickly reach your destination safely.

The main theme Neon graphics

The game's graphics are a particular highlight, with a combination of simple geometry and neon lighting, creating a vibrant and engaging world. Places with Neon light act as lights to guide the character in the right direction. Combined with neon graphics is the vivid sound that makes the game more interesting, creating a magical and attractive atmosphere, attracting all eyes.

Not only does the background have a bold Neon image, the character can also add effects to turn themselves into a special Neon character. Add an effect layer with different colors of your choice.

Geometry Neon Dash Review

This game is considered a special version compared to other Geometry versions because it uses Neon graphics as the main theme. This is considered a creative and attractive version for players. Regarding the difficulty level of the game, it is considered suitable for new players, the level is for those starting to learn about Geometry. Mastering this game will not only help you better understand Geometry but also increase your playing ability and be able to progress to more difficult levels in Geometry Dash Meltdown.

Geometry Neon Dash is considered an interesting game, bringing thrills and challenges with each level. This is a great choice for those who are starting to love rhythm-based games and want to challenge their reaction skills. If you are a lover of the combination of music and action, this will definitely bring you hours of colorful and exciting entertainment. Get ready to jump into the neon world and conquer challenging levels!