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Drift 3


Drift 3 brings you to the bustling world of car drifting, get ready to conquer challenging roads, break the speed limit and perform extremely impressive drifts.

Top racing game with skilled driving skills

Begin the game

Before starting the game, choose your name and favorite car. There are many beautiful cars from cute cars to cool cars. Each type of car has a different appearance and shows different personalities to users, choose the most suitable car!

Note that in the settings, enable or disable guided mode to suit your abilities. If you're new to the series, turn on this mode to get a tutorial. On the contrary, you can turn off this mode if you are a master.

Your duties

Your mission is to control a car to overcome all the difficult roads while competing with other racers. Avoid falling into deep space. Crash into your enemies to push them off the track and try to survive as long as possible.

Besides, the general rule of a drifting game remains with simple mechanics and easy controls. You must use the left mouse button to control the direction of the vehicle. Click and hold the mouse to record. Release to return.

Multiplayer mode

This feature allows you to play with 7 other players, you will participate in a racing competition with 8 players. Can eliminate his opponents by colliding with other cars and pushing them down into space. However, be careful because your enemies will do the same to you. This is an extremely competitive game, so if you want to win, fight hard!

Features of Drift 3

  • Interesting game with many new features
  • Attractive and competitive gameplay for many players
  • Drift racing competition with 8 players
  • Endless race until a winner is found