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Tunnel Rush


Tunnel Rush takes you on a breathtaking adventure. Plunge into a world full of color and speed, this challenging arcade game will keep you hooked.

Immerse yourself in the magical neon world

Like many other endless games like Geometry Dash 2.2, control a spaceship to fly into endless space without stopping. The deeper you go, the more points you gain, but the only obstacle that prevents you from doing that is the different geometric blocks moving around the tunnel. The game will stop when you hit them, so try your best in this game to earn as many points as possible.

Run through vibrant neon tunnels, constantly changing at breakneck speed. At the beginning of the game, the game pace will be slow, suitable for new players, and it will gradually speed up the further you go. As you become more experienced, the pace of the game will speed up and when it reaches its fastest level, will you be able to conquer it?

You will see this game's 3D graphics come alive with stunning lighting effects, bringing a sense of adventure and excitement. The colors will continuously change into many different colors, making it difficult for you to be attracted to them.

Practice quick reflexes

The basic step to master in this game is to flexibly move left and right of the spaceship to avoid obstacles. The first step is a slow rhythm for players to get used to, and as the speed increases, it requires you to concentrate on overcoming more difficult challenges.

The obstacles will gradually speed up at the same time, and when you reach the maximum speed possible, you will not be able to keep up. And the way to be able to maintain it for as long as possible is to stay highly focused, always be on guard for any movement of obstacles in front of you.

In addition, one of the ways to get better is to practice many times and try again after previous times, conquer and try to get higher scores than previous times.

One of the special features of the game is the system that stores the highest score you own compared to other opponents. Conquer and get the highest score and put your name on the list of players with the highest score.