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That’s not my neighbor


That's Not My Neighbor is a unique experience by managing resident access and discovering doppelgänger creatures, impersonators of your neighbors.

Horror game inspired by Papers, Please

This is a unique horror game that incorporates work simulation elements, putting you in the role of a doorman at a 1955 apartment building.

Set in the context of Doppelgangers - monstrous creatures that can perfectly imitate humans - are on the rampage, you will be tasked with guarding the door, distinguishing and preventing these impostors from entering.

Be careful! The smallest mistake can make you fall prey to Doppelgangers.

Protect the apartment and prevent Doppelgangers

Understand your responsibility to allow or deny entry to those who come to the building. You need to be extremely meticulous and careful in checking and detecting Doppelgangers, because even a small mistake can make you a victim of Doppelgangers. To do that, you need to pay attention to a few things:

Carefully check your identification documents

  • Don't just glance at photos and information. Carefully compare the photo with the person's appearance, making sure there are no edits or changes.
  • Carefully check details like name, date of birth, address, etc. Doppelgangers often make small mistakes in this information.
  • Pay attention to signs of forgery such as mismatched handwriting, blurred or torn photos.

Observe behavior and body language

  • Doppelgangers often exhibit unusual behavior, such as awkwardness, anxiety, or avoidance of direct interaction.
  • Pay attention to their gestures, posture, and way of speaking. The Doppelganger may stutter, be confused, or give conflicting information.
  • If you feel like something isn't right, trust your instincts and refuse to let them into the building.

Using the doppelganger detector

  • Some devices in the game can help you detect doppelgangers. Use them carefully and wisely.
  • However, remember that the doppelganger can learn to dodge these devices, so stay alert.