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Tanuki Sunset


Tanuki Sunset is a unique arcade sports game that takes you on a surfing journey with a colorful raccoon named Tanuki in a colorful world with retro music.

Go surfing with the stylish Raccoon

Control the tanuki to slide on winding paths, avoid obstacles and collect 'bits' to exchange for in-game items. With a retro graphic style and attractive synthwave background music, creating an entertainment space full of the 80s.

Although the gameplay is quite simple with controlling the speed and direction of the tanuki's movement, mastering and passing the levels is not easy. Players will have to practice skillfully to perform long slides and spins, while facing increasingly difficult challenges with each level.

Surf on diverse routes

This game takes you to diverse surfing routes, from majestic mountain slopes to romantic coastal roads, giving you unique and challenging surfing experiences.

Each route has unique characteristics in terms of terrain, difficulty and obstacles, requiring you to have appropriate skills and tactics to conquer.

Perform beautiful surfing moves

Perform beautiful and stylish surfing moves, from smooth drifts to sky-high jumps. Combine different skills to create impressive surfing combos and score high scores.

Upgrade your Tanuki and surf board

Collect coins and gems to upgrade your Tanuki and your surfboard to perform better surfing moves and your surfboard will have better speed and control.

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