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Retro Bowl


Retro Bowl is a classic rugby game where you become the coach, lead your team through challenging matches, win and ultimately, compete for the championship.

Retro Bowl Gameplay

Coaching the team

Take on the role of coach and team manager, with the task of building and leading your team to victory. Like Geometry Neon Dash, you can customize your team's name, choose your team's kit colors, and even your players' names and jersey numbers. You need to choose the right squad, set tactics and make a plan to bring your team to victory.

Team management

In addition to playing on the field, Retro Bowl also has a pretty interesting team management component. You will have to manage the player list, facilities, coaches and contracts. This management is deep enough to make you want to reconsider your squad, but simple enough to not take too much time.

Who is Retro Bowl for?

American Football Fans: This game is a realistic and exciting American football simulation game for lovers of this sport. You will have the opportunity to experience the thrill of building and managing a rugby team, fighting in intense matches and trying to win.

Gamers who love management games: If you are passionate about management games, this game is a great choice. This game offers a comprehensive team management experience, allowing you to demonstrate your leadership and tactical abilities. You will have to choose the squad, build tactics, find new talent and manage finances to bring the team to success.

Those looking for light entertainment: This game is not only a sports simulation game but also a light entertainment game. With simple and accessible gameplay, it is suitable for relaxing after stressful hours of study and work. You can enjoy the game comfortably without pressure or requiring too much gaming skill.