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Pizza Tower


Pizza Tower plays Pepperoni, a brave pizza boy and join the fight against Papa Louie, the evil man plotting to take over the world's tallest pizza tower.

Plot and characters

Play as Peppino Spaghetti, owner of Peppino pizzeria, who suddenly must climb the neighbouring Pizza Tower to stop a giant pizza in the sky from destroying his shop with a laser. Peppino is an incredibly expressive character, able to transform from a panicked man to a crazed warrior to a muscular anime hero.

Help Peppino save Peppino's pizzeria

Collect Toppins

The first and most important task is to collect Toppins. These are valuable items scattered throughout the levels. Toppins not only help increase your score but are also the key to unlocking levels and upgrades in the game.

Discover the Secret

Each level in this game contains secrets and hidden areas. Finding and exploring these areas not only provides fun exploration, but also helps you increase your game completion rate.

Collect Treasures

In addition to collecting Toppins, you will also find secret treasures. These treasures are often hidden and require you to solve puzzles or overcome difficult challenges to access them.

Complete the Levels

Each level in the game is a new challenge. You need to use skill and intelligence to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies and reach the end of the level.

Defeat Bosses

Boss battles are the highlight of Pizza Tower. Each boss has a unique set of skills and attack patterns, requiring you to be agile and skillful to win.

Achieved Grades C, B, A and S

To show off your skills, you need to strive for a high rank in each level. The higher the rank, the greater the reward you receive, and the closer you are to 100% game completion.

Pizza Tower is a challenging and creative game where you not only run and jump through levels but also use your mind to explore and complete missions. Get ready for a pizza-filled adventure and don't miss out on the new challenge in Geometry Dash Unblocked once you've completely conquered the challenges.