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Jetpack Joyride


Jetpack Joyride is an extremely engaging action-adventure game, taking you on a thrilling journey with Barry Steakfries in Dr. Crazy's laboratory.

The plot of the game

Barry Steakfries, a former prisoner, breaks into Dr. Crazy's laboratory to rescue his pet dog. However, Barry is suddenly caught up in a dangerous adventure when Dr. Crazy activates Jetpack Experimental on him. Let's see what happens and how you deal with it.

Exciting adventure in the world of science fiction

Perform main mission

Play as Barry overcoming obstacles and reaching treasure inside a secret laboratory. The special thing is that Barry will not use his legs to move, but instead, he will use the super Jetpack to fly through the levels.

Tap the screen to activate the Jetpack, and release to reduce altitude. However, this does not mean that the game is easy, along the way you will encounter many obstacles such as electric walls, lasers, and security robots. Avoid them and collect as many coins and power-ups as possible.

The endless race will end when you reach the professional level, practice is the key to help you perform the final mission, which is also the main mission stated at the beginning of the game. Become a skilled Jetpack pilot overcoming all difficulties.

Upgrade power-ups and accessories

The game offers players a variety of power-ups and accessories to upgrade. By using coins collected while flying in the lab, you can unlock new types of Jetpacks, like the powerful Jetpack or the fire-breathing Jetpack. In addition, there are accessories such as tanks, fire dragons and even extremely fast motorbikes. This creates constant variety and exploration in the game.