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Dinosaur Game


Dinosaur Game is simple but still wins a lot of love from players because of its nice gameplay. It brings endless fun to users without an internet connection.

Adventures Of T-Rex In The Offline World

Known by the familiar name Chrome Dino, this game is an indispensable part of the Google Chrome browser, bringing endless fun to users without an internet connection.

How to play

When you can't connect to the internet on Google Chrome, a pixelated T-Rex image appears with the message "No Internet". Just press the spacebar or up arrow, the game will start and your T-Rex will jump over obstacles like cacti and pterosaurs.

Each successful dodge is awarded one point. The more you run and jump, the more points you get. Don't stop jumping to collect more points than last time and compare the results with other players. This endless running game in the desert only ends if you touch cacti or pterosaurs, so if you want to achieve the highest score, you need to limit your mistakes.

Outstanding features

Graphics and music: Classic 8-bit graphics and simple but no less addictive sound. Even if you don't listen to the music, you're still captivated by the game's spin and makes you play it for hours. Geometry Dash World is no less exciting once you experience it, a game with more advanced difficulty for you if you want to try new things.

Unlimited Play: Although it is defined as an endless running game, there is actually an end point if the player reaches a score of 99,999. After this number, the game will automatically end and return to the beginning.

History And Development

Dinosaur Game was developed by the Google team and launched in 2014. With a simple design, this game quickly became a symbol of entertainment during times of lost internet connection. Created as a way to keep users entertained, this game has become a part of online gaming culture.