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Cuphead is about the journey against Satan, avoiding all the attacks sent by him and fighting the final boss. Defeating Satan is the most important mission.

The story of Cuphead

The plot of Cuphead revolves around the teacup-shaped main character, Cuphead, and his brother Mugman. They accidentally made a contract with Satan after losing at a casino and had to collect the souls of debtors to repay their debt. After discovering what was wrong, Cuphead stands up to the villain, will they succeed?

Fight bad guys and final bosses

Satan summons Cuphead's attackers so he won't ruin his good deeds. Obstacles that you need to avoid include a sickle hand hiding behind a curtain, harmful pizza slices or a doll coming towards you. All of them will hinder you and make you give up, so that they don't achieve that wish, avoid them or attack at the right time. They will not stop attacking you no matter how many obstacles you defeat. However, defeating the final boss is the task to do in this game, it is the ghost in the colorful mysterious box, it is Satan hiding in that shell, defeating him is the task. only in this game.

Please note, you can only be attacked a maximum of three times. If you want to defeat the final boss, you need to avoid attacks from additional obstacles as much as possible.


Unlike the control of Kick the Buddy, this game's controls are more complicated and please review them carefully before starting to play.

  • Move left/right with the left/right arrow keys
  • To jump up press Y key
  • To move down use the Space key
  • To shoot use the X key
  • To play again use the Z key