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Bitlife decides the destiny of your life starting from childhood to old age. Every decision you make will affect the number of points you receive.

Tasks to do in Bitlife

Character selection: At the beginning of the game, choose your character's name, gender and country. Once setup is complete, a baby is created and your life is decided.

Managing your health and happiness index: You will be like a real person, so your health and happiness index is essential, so health-related tasks such as exercise, health check-ups, and healthy eating strong. For the happiness index, you always stay in a happy state by doing activities such as watching movies, traveling, and meeting friends.

Choosing education and work: Education is indispensable in human life, choose to study from kindergarten to university, the higher you study, the better your job opportunities. Build your career the way you want.

Building relationships: Besides your career, you should have a marriage. Find a lover, get married and have children; At the same time, ensure love and happiness in the family.

Financial management: Control your finances by working, investing, buying and selling, and don't forget to spend wisely. Balance saving and reasonable spending.

Some other activities: In addition to the above activities, there are other activities such as buying insurance, participating in illegal activities, choosing education for children, etc. Remember every decision you make will affect the outcome of your character.

Calculate the life points you choose

Not always living well can receive many points and living badly can receive many or few points. Be creative, change many ways of choosing your life, not just in this game or Geometry Dash 23. Because human life always has ups and downs, depending on every decision you make, you will receive points. commensurate with what the game offers. Try out every different decision to see what score you get.